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I started hosting on Airbnb in 2013 and I’ve learned a ton in that time. Last year I made $500,000 in rental income. Here’s 5 thing I WISH I knew back when I started that I know now.

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23 thoughts on “Airbnb Hosting Tips: TOP 5 THINGS I WISH I KNEW WHEN STARTING OUT!

  1. So 5 star ratings are crap, you ORDER your guest to give you a 5 Star Rating! I would never ask my guest to do that! And guess what I receive 5 star ratings without having to beg for them! Isnt' that what ratings are about, the guest NEEDs to decide NOT YOU. far out

  2. I love Airbnb and recently I've been wanting to try out an experiment. I've often been fascinated by the idea of RVs and being able to tour around the US and visit anyplace I want and be very mobile. But then I thought why not use Airbnb to be just as mobile? If you have a good Airbnb location or your home is in a good location for Airbnbs. You can just put your own home on Airbnb when you want to be travelling and just lockup your personal items in a certain room or garage and lease out the rest. The income you make from leasing your airbnb you can use to stay in other Airbnbs all over the world. It's kinda a fast form of home swapping.

  3. Hello Richard, My name is Laura and I've been watching videos about Airbnb renting, etc. since late last year. It's something that I think I'd really enjoy doing and also be good at. For many years I did quite a bit of traveling for both business and pleasure and I have tons of ideas…….. realistic/good or not, time will tell. I've watched probably a dozen of your videos and I do enjoy so many things about them. Your enthusiasm and open mindedness I find helps create a lot of self confidence in people doing or thinking of doing this. There is a question that I have that I haven't been able to find a clear answer to yet and I was hoping you could help me. When you rent a home on Airbnb that happens to be further away than say 30 minutes, how do go about getting a person to help out with the property in case, say, an issue arises for the renters, someone who can get there quickly so the problem doesn't drag out for longer than necessary? It seems to be understood that everyone uses this type of help and I was wondering where such individuals can be found. Does Airbnb provide a list of people near your property? I have ideas about where to find people/services for house cleaning, landscaping, heater/air conditioning maintenance, house maintenance, etc. etc. but what I'm not sure about is how one goes about finding a type of "manager/issue solver" for one's property . Your ideas/suggestions regarding this would be soooooo helpful !!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the enjoyable videos !!!!!!!!!!

  4. The "review" has evolved into nothing short of extortion. The game of complaining about ANYTHING possible and the LIES told are out of control now. I've had to rewrite my contract to include an "acceptance" statement on check-in. I refuse to refund any money after that point. I've also had to include a "acknowledgement" form stating that the "guest" are aware of and agree to be held accountable for any and all restrictions explained in the lease contract. I'm sick and tired of the "I didn't know" excuse. I hold the card holder on file as the responsible party for the actions of all the guest on the property during the lease agreement and have raised my deposits to a level that will get their attention if it's not refunded.

  5. This has been very helpful. I have one room almost ready and a second one in transition. Hubby and I are doing this to pad our retirement, so we are newbies to Airbnb. Thank you for helping out in our new venture to give great advice! 😉 Much appreciated.

  6. We travel full-time using Airbnb and love it! One thing I think every Airbnb should offer is coffee. It's a simple thing to supply and really helps us, full-time travelers, out. We can't carry around a coffee pot after all. : )

  7. We truly enjoy the information and I take notes as we listen. Have you put together your airbnb tips book yet? It would be much easier to search under chapter titles than through Youtube.

  8. Whoo-hoo! My new Airbnb is now live! It went live at midnight last night, and within 6 hours I had 5 bookings! Thank you so much, Richard, for your videos, they are really great!!

  9. wow i was told here in my town fairbanks alaska to avoid airbnb because it was hard to get connected.many of us here do not have such great computer skills and i am one of the i have chosen b& they seem kinda easy and already a women called from there and told me she was going to give me special wonderful as i really need it!!!this is very very good and lucky for me!!i did contact airbnb last year found it too hard and no help so i dropped the entire idea.well i am sure glad i got rid of the tenant and have spent 4 thousand dollars to fix everything right so now i am willing to give it a try with a good co.who is willing to work with me!!!hha i sound like the kid asking ti get into special help classes!!oh well at least i can make myslef laugh!

  10. How many properties to you actually own, that you co-manage? $500k on rental income alone is quite a bit. Just to confirm, that doesn't include any projects like this when you're monetizing your experience as a host, just on rental income alone.

  11. Hi, I'm a fairly new host on Airbnb. I have miraculously been doing most things right so far. I don't know what to do or how to handle guests staining sheets and/or towels. A set of sheets cost as much as a nights stay and I can't use them once they're stained. How do I handle this? Should I charge guests? It has now happened to me on three different occasions.

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