Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

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What’s Intellectual Property got to do with you?

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17 thoughts on “Intellectual Property

  1. Hi, I am covering IP as part of an engineering course at an FE College. Can I ask if I can share this with the students?

  2. I am a school librarian at a high school. May I share your video with students in our county's social innovation classes?

  3. I feel sad at people who believe in "intellectual property". This concept doesn't even qualify as property, and even if it did, it would mean the supression of other people's actual property. Shame, real shame to see an university defending tyranny and the disrespect towards other people's resources.

  4. This is total garbage. The goal of making things isn't trying to "protect" ideas from people and make money. That's for people who don't actually have good ideas, and just want to sue others for money.

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