Judge Faith – Realty Reality | Your Rent is Due (Season 2: Full Episode #111)

Judge Faith - Realty Reality | Your Rent is Due (Season 2: Full Episode #111)

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A contracted realtor wants his portion of the commissions on houses he sold, but his employer says he never signed an agreement. | A landlord claims her tenant never paid rent, but the tenant says she was being harassed with post-it notes.

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35 thoughts on “Judge Faith – Realty Reality | Your Rent is Due (Season 2: Full Episode #111)

  1. Old guys defense was literally 6 different excuses “he pissed me off I didn’t like him or his attitude” “he didn’t sign the contract” “I had the money in the account for him (he just couldn’t access it bc i controlled it)” “he let his license expire in 2010 before he sold the homes!!!(totally not relevant)”

  2. I bet that dude has a tramp stamp that says Heritage Not Hate…smh, you can take the man out of the backwoods but you can't take the back woods out of the man…

  3. Wowww it got real dark and weird when that old white dude spoke after the case. How did you hurt him if you ended up having to pay him anyways? The Indian guy should have st least sued for not being able to make interest on it but he could have tried to say he couldn’t make investments either

  4. I have millions and millions in an account I have access to. I got a pdf to show it. I just can’t.. spend it or withdraw it. It’s in a pdf tho!

  5. in the first case is younas Ethiopian or Eritrean? Just wondering… Good you got your money anyhow! It seems to me that the old man is very mean and didn't want to pay a dime.

  6. The old guy said what a lot of 2018 racists won’t… i applaud his honesty"… because most wont admit it exists in the USA

  7. I like how the audience in the end weren't the people sitting in the crowd lol… I saaadly found this out trying to scope the guy in the red pants behind the plaintiff booth 😀

  8. The first case , the defendant looks like the character on Monster’s Inc that always asks when the paperwork will be done

  9. That old white man is disgusting and there are many of his calibre out there. White people still think black people are slaves smh but the GOOD NEWS IS SLAVERY IS OVER! DON'T TRY US!!!

  10. I can tell that old mean ass man in first case lives alone!!!! There's no way he has a loving family at home with that nasty ass attitude.

  11. Both casas, the judge was fair.
    1. The defendant was just nasty.
    2. The plaintiff about commerce. Document document documen bring proof, but the defendant just can't take money off rent cuz she don't like something. Everything in this country vis

  12. … and YOU'LL remember, until the day YOU die, that he got the $3,770 owed to him and it won't be a fond memory and HE'LL like that, bitch!!!!

  13. 2nd case the defiant smiled cuz she knew she made the plaintiff lose more than unpaid rent. Some Latinos are clean and other are greasy slobs that don't know how to clean a damn thing and don't give a fuck Just like any other race.

  14. Holy crap, imagine buying a house from that nasty spitefull old bag of bones, and something went wrong with the sale. He's the type to stalk you forever!!

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