The real reason I quit Door Knocking as a Real Estate Agent…

The real reason I quit Door Knocking as a Real Estate Agent...

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There was a time, a long long time ago, in a neighborhood far, far away…that I actually did door knocking as a real estate agent. This is why I stopped. Enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan – Click SHOW MORE for more details:

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27 thoughts on “The real reason I quit Door Knocking as a Real Estate Agent…

  1. You should download the Kindle book "Cold Calling for Cowards". Just the preview. Your video could replace the first chapter of that book.

  2. Hey Graham, how do you feel about door knocking expired listings? I have been doing it the past couple days and some folks are already upset about their homes not selling.

    Also, how do you calculate turnover in an area? Thanks!

  3. I totally get what you mean by hating the introduction door knocking, I get the same exact feeling. The only time I door knock and do not get the feeling is when I door knock for open houses like he said, or when I knock with a specific buyer looking in the neighborhood

  4. Back when I was in Gr 8, I did door to door knocking to sell prints of my art to raise money for my school trip. While it was great selling my artwork, door to door was very uncomfortable for me (massive introvert, lol).

    Believe it or not, I actually managed to make 285 dollars, just short of my goal. I just needed one more sale! I remember trying my hardest to get that last sale, and I finally did. The woman had a terrifying dog, grabbed one of the prints out of my hand (the last of that print… It wasn't actually for sale…) and put 3 dollars in my hand. Then she walked back into the house and yelled really loudly "I think I've just been ripped off".

    Since then I've never door knocked again. (Luckily!)

  5. You should have kept working Mar Vista… It's now considered part of Silicon Beach and those mid-100s houses are now sky-high prices. I live nearer to LAX and the amount of door-knocking in my area is astounding. I never need note pads and I'm constantly invited to the In-N-Out truck at neighborhood open houses. Bob Waldron has a lock on our area and doesn't use gimmicks to sell.

  6. Last year some guy came to my door to ask about buying one of my dad's properties, but he instantly knew who I was. "You must be James. I do my research." Looked like he was carrying a clipboard of papers with my family's properties listed as well as details about all of my family members. Pretty creepy. Is this something that a few real estate investors do or was he likely just impersonating one?

  7. Lousy mindset and lousy script.. no wonder you bombed. Thanks for sharing your negative mindset with other weak people who can relate to you. I've gotten the majority of my listings from doorknocking and most of the leads in my pipeline have come from that form of prospecting. I'm bringing value to the homeowners with my flyers, I ask for business, and I didn't dread each door. I have the mindset that the person behind the next door needs my help and it helps make it a lot easier.

  8. Hey Graham, anybody ever tell you your voice sounds a bit like Tom Cruises in the eighties? I was trying to figure this out and it finally came to me. Nevermind. I did take in the information in the video. Do you realize how many 50+ year olds your giving advice to? Good for you. Keep it up. Great source.

  9. Random side note. You should hit up ProducerMichael. He's a rich youtuber in LA if you haven't heard of him. His real estate agent seems pretty lame. You could help him boost his channel while finding him his next mansion

  10. Awesome Vid. In my time in real estate i spent 6 months straight, 8 hours a day door knocking and nothing else. No wonder i hated it

  11. I love Graham, but I have made tens of thousands door knocking in just my first year in real estate and Im only getting better. Honestly most people try it but they aren't skilled at it. Theres a lot that goes into it to be "natural" and to get an appointment at the door. I've had people invite me in their house just last week to watch the rest of the England World Cup game and talk business. 2.3 million dollar house, and now I have a listing presentation this week for it. Door knocking sucks at the beginning sure, and the odd time you get negative experiences, but the people I talk to are 98% nice to me in all honesty. It's not a game for everyone though, so Graham may have been that person, and frankly its not pleasant at the start. Nearly every time I go out I have to get pumped up and embrace the rejection. Its part of the game. But I can make a video on this and go thru the list of positives about door knocking in real estate and how it worked for me. I'm only getting better with time and experience, which lead me to strongly believe this is one of the most lucrative (and free) means of prospecting. As long as you bring value and make that person's day a bit better – door knocking is the way to go. I will quit eventually, but in the beginning to gain your communication chops, understand and adapt to different people, learn about yourself, and become a pro – this is the best way to do that. I promise you, I wouldn't write all this down for nothing because Im extremely hungry right now and need to get off this computer.

  12. Hi Graham, I really enjoy the videos and your honesty. I am a Realtor in Brevard County, Florida and learning a lot from all the great YouTubers sharing their knowledge and experiences. Thanks!

  13. Question: I'm about to finish my licensing courses and take my exam, but I'm going back to college in a different state. Do you think I should temporarily retire/inactive status my license for the last 2 year or keep it active and pay the E&O insurance?

  14. Hey man I am from India(Asia) I appreciate your work and it would be very helpful if you make a video on how a person from a foreign country can buy and do the brrr method while staying in is with a work visa or how will a person be able to do ur thing

  15. Hello from New Zealand. Door knocking sucks ass! Love your stuff. I’m a commercial real estate agent and thinking about the first property. Banks in New Zealand are now requiring 40% deposits on commercial/investment properties! Any strategies for getting around? Also thoughts on buying in a syndicate/friends? Cheers mate.

  16. Graham have you ever thought about having an apprentice or something similar? I have just started getting into personal finance and how to better my current life and future life but I'm finding it difficult on how to start into real estate.

  17. Knocking doors doesn't come natural to anyone when they start. I've knocked doors for 4 years and it's a mental battle daily. It's meant to be hard because if it was easy, everyone could do it and it wouldn't be as lucrative as it is. Door knocking is 100% mental because let's face it, it's not that hard to knock on a door and talk to people in order to make hundreds or thousands of dollars. I love and respect what you do Graham! My biggest piece of advice to those out there that are considering knocking doors is to get a team, go out together, hold each other accountable and that will help you to push past your mental roadblocks in your mind about door to door sales.

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