Esters: Naming + Properties

Esters: Naming + Properties

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Esters are molecules connected by a =O on one carbon, and a -O- on the SAME carbon.
The carbon chain is broken into two bits, so each gets its own part of the name.
You can identify esters with OATE at the end of the name.
They are kinda polar, and them smell fruity.

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25 thoughts on “Esters: Naming + Properties

  1. You are good at teaching but man do I need the written structures for all these so bad, have an exam in 3 days. Please make a video, I searched all the others on YouTube and they are terrible. You are the only one that can save my grade.

  2. Man, you helped me. My teacher in school didn't know why methyl ethanoate couldn't be ethyl methanoate! Thanks a lot.

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