How to Photograph Real Estate, Architecture, and Interiors Tutorial with Mike Kelley

How to Photograph Real Estate, Architecture, and Interiors Tutorial with Mike Kelley

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46 thoughts on “How to Photograph Real Estate, Architecture, and Interiors Tutorial with Mike Kelley

  1. You are amazing! One question. If I buy 17mm tilt shift lens and extender is it the same like to work with 24mm tilt shift?

  2. Mike sure does flash his freemason hand sign a lot and made sure to close out with a strong version of it. Interesting that he says he "owes it all to architecture photography," when in fact it is likely the satanic brotherhood that has helped pave the way, along with his very impressive skills.

  3. So i guess he is taking several shots with tripod, one lit, one dark, one normaly lit and so on and mingles them in photoshop and adds some fake sky, not that big secret i guess.

  4. Man these guys are arrogant and not even that good. This is not a tutorial at all, they do everything for the Youtube channel. It's not about quality anymore, only views and likes.

  5. This is more a real estate photo for a USA cathalog, and those lights become very artificial. If you want real architecture photography with poethic quality, go for Detail, Arch+,Domus magazines…..Using flash in architecture photography is like using Diesel on a Ferrari. Fernando Guerra is a great architecture example.

  6. TO be exact , this is an advert for a "paid tutorial" i do not matter . its fine and perfect (specially revealing your secrets you took time) . But people instead of arguing by saying (this is not a tutorial it's an advert for tutorial) Listen carefull and watch carefully .
    There is 70% of his tutorial in this video , you just have to get those small hints and test for yourself and give it a try . If it's not enough , just buy the tutorial .
    I came to have some advice and direction to go fully concentrated on making insane estate or architecture photography . And i get what i was looking for , and mostly i want to buy and see the full tutorial now . Even if i understand most of his process .
    Light painting + tripod + hour of masking different photo to make a good composition . Flashing tree and stuff it's such a good "advert tutorial " Thanks man !

  7. The problem with this is that only the highest of high end realtors would be willing to pay the amount required to make all this effort worth it… anyone who works in this field knows realtors are cheapskates

  8. Belle ma stile Americano, troppo tamarre. La luce naturale è sempre la migliore. In italia con quello che ti pagano non puoi permetterti di scattare 30 foto per realizzarne una. Speriamo cambi anche qua il mercato.

  9. For some reason, I can't find a simple direct HOW TO photography real estate.

    Any recommended channels or video that would help?

  10. You guys are ridiculous I absolutely hate videos like this!! Thumbs down and you lost a subscriber! You didn't even have the photographer give at least some sort of advice!!

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