Timeline For Buying A House- Investing in Real Estate Intro

Timeline For Buying A House- Investing in Real Estate Intro

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What does it take to buy a house? How long does it take? What are the most common mistakes and how can you avoid them? This new series (while not exhaustive) will certainty answer all these questions and more. This can help you avoid bumps during the process, help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars up front and tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way.

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10 thoughts on “Timeline For Buying A House- Investing in Real Estate Intro

  1. LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!! Thank you for making this please make more thank you !!! It's funny I work at a bank and they don't even teach us this !!!!

  2. i would love details on this subject. Also thanks to you I will be starting my plant nursery for next year urban of course in colorado

  3. Great series FGG. I own my house, but this information could really help people who are new to home buying and in need of getting the credit needed to purchase a house.

  4. Nice video and good ground covered. Negotiating and money tactics are great, but nothing beats paying off the mortgage free and clear. Make sure to run your own amortization loan often. When you see the shear amount of money you are paying in interest over time (regardless how great a rate you got) should be enough to prompt you to get out of that mortgage as fast as possible.

  5. Awesome. I wish I watched this about 12 years ago when we were buying our first house. Yes, they are there for their commission. It is very important to have a realtor you can trust. We found an awesome realtor we bought our land with. So, if we ever buy any property again, we will deffinatly use him again. Is it legal to pay a realtor the part of commission that he lost and a little extra by negotiating and bringing the price down? Just an idea. 🙂

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