TOP 4 HOME LOANS – Qualifying Tutorial – Credit Score Tips – Susan Wood & Kevin Hunter

TOP 4 HOME LOANS - Qualifying Tutorial - Credit Score Tips - Susan Wood & Kevin Hunter

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Need a home loan but not sure which one to apply for? Here’s some tips on the top four home loans, and a few tips on online mortgage providers too. If you’ve seen “First Time Home Buyer MISTAKES | 9 Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make | First Time Home Buyer Tips” you’re going to love this video!

Susan Wood is a professional real estate agent residing in Longview Washington. Working with Kevin Hunter and Kyle Torgerson on Northwest Digital News, we bring you this video on home loan types to help you better understand what you’re facing in your next home purchase. Thinking about buying a home? It’s best to plan ahead. Watch this video on the top four home loan types, and also our video on top 10 tips for buyers and sellers of homes.
Do you Rent? Are you thinking about Buying or Selling a Home? First time buyer? Need help or advice? Here’s where you find the best real estate news and home shopping assistance on the web! From the host of NorthWest Digital News, Kevin Hunter is joined by long time real estate expert Susan Wood to answer your top ten concerns and questions about buying or selling real estate!

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2 thoughts on “TOP 4 HOME LOANS – Qualifying Tutorial – Credit Score Tips – Susan Wood & Kevin Hunter

  1. Start your home loan shopping experience by talking to local lenders. This makes sense for a number of reasons. First, they can tell you what your credit score actually is, and what loan types you qualify for. Don't try to pull your own credit and make guesses. That kind of homework counts for nothing.

    After you've decided what type of loan to pursue, and reviewed your list of mortgage lenders, pare it down to two or three lenders, and focus on the interest rate each provides, the amount of your monthly payments and the quality of their customer services, both on the phone, in person, or via online or mobile apps.

    Once you get the deal you want, lock down your mortgage loan with your top-rated lender, and set the wheels in motion to buy your dream home – efficiently, quickly and with the best financial deal in place.

  2. Shared on this video: Conventional Loans, FHA Home Loans, VA Loans, USDA Loans for rural communities, and online mortgage opportunities including Quicken Loans. Have a question about qualifications for each, or how to know what you qualify for? Watch this video, and check out the many links referred to throughout the video.

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