I want to go to war with China on intellectual property, says Kevin O’Leary

I want to go to war with China on intellectual property, says Kevin O'Leary

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Rick Helfenbein, president and CEO of American Apparel and Footwear Association, Alex Kowalski, CEO of Performance Complete Metal Solutions, and Kevin O’Leary, O’Shares ETF chairman, discuss news that tariffs on Chinese goods could raise from 10 to 25 percent if a deal isn’t reached at the G-20 summit.

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36 thoughts on “I want to go to war with China on intellectual property, says Kevin O’Leary

  1. China said they want to set up an aviation industry and US govt panicked and started targetting it. It is wrong to target a nation for trying to develop an industry in which you are currently monopolising. The whole world needs more than Boeing and Airbus. Competition is healthy. They say China hates competition but when they try to compete they get shut down with tarriffs etc. Not cool US. Not cool.

  2. Can you name any ip that belongs to the people? No, most of it belongs to the rich and the big companies , while we people pays for it!
    It takes 120 dollars to make an iPhone. But it will sold to us for 1000 dollars.
    They are greedy and will get money more and more.
    We are poor because we are too stupid to know the truth!

  3. China has always used fruitless talks as a strategy. That's what they do. The Chinese will never deal with anyone on the up and up.

  4. so those rich people can increase the price of their products and people are blaming China. The truth is the rich people brought the products for really cheap price and double and maybe triple the price… Those rich people are so fucking greedy.

  5. O'Leary might be smart, but he is a greedy POS. Dismantling intellectual property rights laws would be one of the best things for utilitarianism and peace.

  6. Aww, this bald sore loser got fcked, now cry foul? WHile he himself has invested interests in China!
    Damn, tons of you Kkkuckkkasoid fcks are hypocritical accursed serpentine spawn with fork-tongue.
    Where's the payback you fcks owe China since the Looting of Asia!?
    Sincr your fcking Gunboat Policy, and cheating off HK island, untold damages fromm the Opium War..If you want to talk IP rights, it goes waaay back! Your Western Renaissance owe much of it to PLAGIARISING & THIEVING the know-how from China.
    STFU Kevin Asswipe LEERy old fck. Pull out EVERY SINGLE investment of yours from CHINA than you HYPOCRITAL CAPITALIST ACCURSED MuriKKKa ass-licking catamite slave FCKin' talk!

  7. What is to say, that when you move your operation to Vietnam, that the Vietnamese do not do the same thing? People said that China was using pirate software from Microsoft in the early years, but the truth was everyone in Southeast Asia was at the same time. Pirate software was just as rampant in Singapore 10 years ago. Pirate DVD videos are still widely in Thailand. Guess who buys these videos, the western tourists.

  8. Kevin is correct, in principal. Trump has demonstrated the US has a far higher threshold of pain. Now We should lift the tariffs under the condition that China change their ways immediately. (Intellectual property theft, hoarding rare earth metals, etc.)

  9. Did you sign the NDA contract with the suppliers? Find the local lawyers to go through the legal stuff. Why you think you can skip contracts, quality control and etc. when you source out?BTW, many Americans send parts to China to copy. That's the hidden facts. Chinese don't know what's hot what's not in US market.

  10. When was the last time Kevin visited Vietnam or China. It's pathetic these guys talk about countries they haven't been to or visited recently.

  11. The reason liberal mainstream media outlets no longer like social media, per this CNBC article, is because YOU can no longer control the narrative, and losing control of YOUR narrative is YOUR greatest foe. That's why the EU is banning social media, because the Left NEEDS state-run media. If it weren't for social media, we the people, wouldn't know just how corrupt liberal media, politicians and institutions really are. We know YOUR agenda. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/01/social-media-detox-christina-farr-quits-instagram-facebook.html

  12. no, kevin wants other people ( lower and middle class and united states) to go to war on his behalf over intellectual property.
    i dnt think consumers need to fight this war, not our problem.
    lets see all these ceo’s and executives from each country go to war why the lower classes watch! the winner gets control of the intellectual property lol

  13. Why is Kevin still in China then. He complains yet keeps his factories and makes his product there. Its all a sham, all these rich folk keep telling us lies but then they do the opposite

  14. "IP theft by China" is a demagogic phrase by neo-cons and Zionists afraid of becoming #2 in the competition. Vast majority US IP was given by US companies in return for access to Chinese market. True IP is that which is patented. If indeed the IS IP was stolen and used – the aggrieved US company should sue in court. It is not improbable for more than one entity to have similar ideas at the same time. e.g. lasers. The owner of such IP is usually decided by the patent office.

    What China has done in many cases is taken an existing non-patented product and continually improved it and manufactured it more efficiently and cheaply.

    The Chinese is moving up the value chain. Chinese companies have opened new mfgrng plants in developing countries in joint ventures. One major example is shoes produced for nine-west and other western retailers in a joint venture plant in Ethiopia. The Vietnamese plant that O'Leary speaks highly of may be a Chinese-Viet joint venture. The Chinese is using the US economic model but adding their own improvement – just as the US had done with Britian and other European countries.

    It is time for US to compete w/o crying wolf.

  15. Economics 101… American consumers will pay… Chinese products will be sold to rest of world… china will not suffer at all… Their unique economic system is designed to shield them particular sector from exogenous forces…

  16. The master of d house complains that d maid he hired is stealing his job from him…

    "Cakes, cakes! Why aren't they eating cakes?!" – M. Antoinette

    Bloody surreal!

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