Data Driven Real Estate Investing

Data Driven Real Estate Investing

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This is episode #441, and my guests today are partners Felipe Boss and Jesus Toledo.

Most real estate investors, myself included, are guilty of focusing on the easy route as it comes to lead generation and acquisitions. Mass approaches to marketing such as direct mail are alive and well, but not performing as well as they used to.

Felipe and Jesus are part of what I’ll call the new era of investors that are willing to spend more time on researching data, really understanding the specifics of their market, and ultimately, picking up the phone to contact potential sellers in a rifle vs. shotgun approach.

If you’re just getting started in investing and have a limited budget, this is good news for you. If you’re a veteran investor that’s been willing to spend big money on lead generation, this is also good for you…as you have the resources to get this done.

There are lots of great nuggets shared today on the show…no matter where you’re at in your real estate investing career…you’re going to learn some powerful tips.

Let’s get started. Please help me welcome Felipe and Jesus to the show.

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