Flash Settings for Real Estate Photography

Flash Settings for Real Estate Photography

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Speedlight and monolight settings as starting points using the flash-ambient blend method. For more on my real estate photography series, see

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25 thoughts on “Flash Settings for Real Estate Photography

  1. So glad you made a video on this subject! I think everyone starts out with speedlight flashes, but I think as soon as you can afford to go with a moonlight you should get one. It just makes the most sense to have one moonlight on a stand as your primary and have a couple of flashes as backups. Having to move speedlights on stands around, keep multiple sets of batteries, track flash settings and transport them all – just makes getting a monolight the most cost-effective and efficient way to go. Your books and videos have done more to help me get started and start building a business than any other resource I've found on the web!

  2. I’m starting out as I do not have any mono or speed lights, I do have a few different video LED and a 2 600 watt smith/Victor quartz lights that I can use for now I pray. Nice video, thanks.

  3. Grreat as usual. I do mainly Virtual Tours. I end up with 3 different exposure and an HDR. No flash . The problem is getting the outside exposure blended in. Do you have any experience with this?

  4. Hi Nathan! Love your videos; thank you! I have your advanced editing and exterior books, but I don't see where privacy block on the windows is covered. It seems to be pretty rare, but I recently had 2 houses that had some sort of privacy block on the windows so I couldn't do window pulls, and no matter where I placed my light, I got a terrible reflection in the windows. What do you do in this situation; use HDR with no lights? Thank you!

  5. Hi Nathan, thaks a lot for all good info. I've been following you for a while now. If I shoot using monolight like yours and it's to much light power, does it matter if I keep the light power high but lower ISO or lower the f stops to f8 or f16 ?

  6. Hi Nathan. I live in Tijuana Mexico and I just wanna thank you for your YouTube videos of real estate photography. They've been so helpful for my self and my business.

  7. Hi Nathan. Thank you for a fantastic video, clear and very helpful. In other videos you mention the ‘cactus’ to remotely fire your flashes, what model is it please? You also mention the Tokina 16-28mm Lens, is it the FX Pro model? I’m wanting to improve but have a budget to watch.

    Thank you so much.
    Ps do you only sell you books as digital copies or do you sell paper versions?

  8. I love your videos and work Nathan!! Could you do a video focusing on building clients to take your business full time? I've been messing around in PFRE for about a year and have a few agents I work with, but not enough to do this full time. I would love to hear about the steps you took to establish and maintain your business clients. Thanks

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