Lathe Lavada and First Prime Realty Review — Testimonial Isis

Lathe Lavada and First Prime Realty Review -- Testimonial Isis

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Sell your house quickly for cash. Selling Your House Can Be A Quick And Simple Process. We buy homes in any location and in any condition. Pay no commissions or costly repairs. Call now 702 476 2000 or visit

Lathe Lavada and First Prime Realty Group buys houses in and around Las Vegas (and nationwide!). We’re not listing your house… we’re actually the ones buying your house. Because we pay cash, we’re able to close quickly… or on your schedule. Like we’ve mentioned, when you work with us there are no fees… like there are when you list your house with an agent. What this means to you is you don’t have to worry about extra costs, having to come out of pocket to sell your house fast, or even getting your house ready for a sale (we’ll buy your house as-is).

First Prime Realty Group
9550 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 253
Las Vegas, NV 89123

Are you currently facing any of these situations:
Are You In Foreclosure or Are About To Be?
Do You Own Unwanted Rental Property?
Do You Have Frustrating Tenants (Or Family Members) That You Can’t Get Rid Of?
Do You Own A Vacant Property?
Did You Inherit An Unwanted Property?
Do You Need To Relocate Quickly And Need To Sell Your Current House Fast?
Do You Want To Avoid Paying Realtor Commissions?
Are You Going Through A Divorce?
Do You Have Little Or No Equity And Need To Sell?
Do You Own A “Fixer Upper” That You Don’t Want To Fix Up Or Don’t Have Time To Fix Up?
If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, we can help! We are specialists in solving real estate problems… especially ones that pose a financial burden on you, the homeowner. We can solve almost any financial problem that your property is causing.

We want to help you take control of your situation, end the hassles, and get back to living the life you want to live. And you deserve to know all of the options available to you right now. Simply fill out the short form below or give us a call, and our experts will help you (with no pushy sales techniques or obligation)… we’ll help you make sense of all of this confusion and we’ll present you with the options that can potentially change your life and help you get back to normal.
Don’t worry about repairing or cleaning up your property. We’ll buy your house in as-is condition… no matter how ugly or pretty it is… no matter the location.

Consider us if you fall in any of the categories below or searching for any assistance from our list below:
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