Leaving Swaziland what an experience. Lost and stranded. NOW

Leaving Swaziland what an experience. Lost and stranded. NOW

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Leaving Swaziland what an experience. Lost and stranded

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35 thoughts on “Leaving Swaziland what an experience. Lost and stranded. NOW

  1. When you got to shoemanasdal you should have gone to Malelane and you from there would have gotten anything taxi there to Mjejane? The taxis and buses cater for more locals around there so as tourists you would find it difficult to travel around rural areas.

  2. you should have rented a small car. public transportation sucks in SA. i am south African and do not use the SA taxis. it takes too long traveling with the shuttle van as you call them.

  3. Germaine , whenever you find yourself lost in Africa,just approach the people and talk to them,they will help ,you being a tourist

  4. This is how people should travel. No tour guides, go where the locals go. In South Africa if ever youre lost theres always a mini bus taxi going to the nearest town and it always ends up at the taxi rank where you can find a taxi to where you need to go.

    Youre one of my favourite travel vlogers because you dont go looking for poor kids to take photos with that most westerners like to do when they come to Africa, "poverty porn". What you show is authentic.

  5. Still.waiting on that big trip to Angola.

    Maybe you can visit the 3 hydro electric dams or see the new international airport under construction or vist Luanda Sul that's where alot of Brazilian and portugees live, you could also visit Lubango and see the statue of Jesus Christ

  6. The abrupt ending reminds me of The Amazing Race on CBS. Here's your clue just keep on running to the next pit stop–to be continued—.

  7. This dude did a good job showing us Europe and Asia, but a lousy job showing us Africa. The only city he kinda did good was Cape Town. Never showed the good parts of Durban and Joburg, and went to Swaziland and never got to Mbabane. Never got out of the bushes with his white chic obsession. You can see why the ancestors were not happy with him and almost punish him in Swaziland.

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