Property Investment: Student Accommodation in Nottingham

Property Investment: Student Accommodation in Nottingham

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We all remember the fantastic advantages that came with owning a buy-to-let but does it really make sense anymore?

With the UK government clamping down on the “accidental landlord”, what alternative options does the well-informed property investor have? Above all, is it still possible to make that healthy income in property with Brexit just around the corner?

In this week’s video, the CEO of Shojin Property Partners, Jatin Ondhia talks about an option that is not only Brexit-proof, but can provide a good stream of income as well as capital growth.

With the launch of Shojin’s latest investment opportunity, Jatin goes into more detail about PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation) including what it is and why it makes perfect sense when diversifying your property portfolio. For those investors unaware of property crowdfunding, this video also gives a brief overview of this unique concept and how it is revolutionizing the property investment space.

Warning: The information included in this promotion is not a recommendation to invest and if you choose to invest, your capital may be at risk. Property investments involve risks including loss of capital, liquidity, default of a borrower and lack of returns. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not protect your investments in the event that you do not get back the amount you have invested.

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