INFJs Have A Tendency To Make Snap Judgements About People

INFJs Have A Tendency To Make Snap Judgements About People

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INFJs make snap judgements, mostly because we trust our intuition, and we just sense things about people without knowing why or how we know what we know. Is this a good thing? Or bad? Let’s chat about this.

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3 thoughts on “INFJs Have A Tendency To Make Snap Judgements About People

  1. Getting to trust intuition, is time consuming, initially sifting through a slide-show of personal traits and judging whether needing to allow them some trust and respect or making base comparisons from our past because of noticeable quirks and traits that we are shown. Giving some leeway as to a persons characteristics is just as easy as flipping a coin.
    Noticing certain negative traits in a person gives us a feeling of betrayal when we never noticed it until either too late or we wish that a second chance is what they could need, sadly for me, I gave a certain someone a second chance, but their true side came out and I quickly door-slammed them, but they do not know just what truth that I have, it is the type of truth that can make other people unsubscribe from that persons YT channel.

  2. The more of your videos I watch..the more I know I didnt mistype as an infj.
    This one is a very sensitive topic for me. How does one know we are not projecting our insecurities based on the first glance we take on a person? I usually like to give people the benefit of the doubt and get to know them better than judging them from the start. I tend to second guess my self a lot when it comes to perceiving, judging others. Its interesting indeed.

  3. Hah! First AGAIN! Yup. Last ex-wife used to freak Out at me because I used to Nail the personalities of girls in her life the First time I laid Eyes on them, lol. She thought I KNEW them from somewhere, lol. I'd just tell her,'Look in her EYES, it's All THERE.' Defense Mechanism Honed SHARP.

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