Levels of Borrowing on Investment Property

Levels of Borrowing on Investment Property

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Levels of Borrowing on Investment Property

You will need to be sure of the level of leverage that you need for your portfolio. There is a real attraction to maximise leverage to equally maximise returns at the other end, however if this is at the risk of potentially loosing the portfolio due to coming unstuck during market changes, then its simply not worth it. We would always err on the side of caution and look to make the portfolio recession proof a 50% loan to value across the portfolio gives real certainty upwards of this to 60-70% could be considered depending on the circumstances anything above this could leave you open to real problems weathering a prolonged downturn in the property cycle. The property cycle is clear in the long-term property will always go up in value, The aim therefore is to hold and capture that capital growth while receiving returns from yield along the way.

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