8 Year Anniversary Date // 12.30.2018

8 Year Anniversary Date // 12.30.2018

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Our 8 year anniversary date. We just had a sweet morning with some brunch and a walk through marina green. These small dates like this make me so happy he made me laugh a lot hehe

+ Keep up with us!
– Hana:
– Instagram: @hanaylee
– YT:
– Jimmy: Instagram: @jimmycaoboy
– Pepper: @lookslikesalt

+ What I was wearing:
– Cat Creature Sweater (she’s restocking soon!): bonfire.com/withyou
– Urban outfitters scrunchie bow:
– Black turtleneck similar:
– Urban outfitters:
– Everlane:

+ Where we went
– Mama’s On Washington :
– Marina Green

+ Shop with some Codes
– Depop (selling my clothes): @hanalee218
– 10% off YesStyle (Korean Clothing): HANA10OFF
– 10% off petite studio (clothing): HANA10
– 15% off Daniel Wellington: HANAYLEE
– $40 off AirBnB (Travel): www.airbnb.com/c/hanal941
– $20 credit LYFT (Car Travel): HANA746173
– $10 off Postmates (Food Delivery): T4YB2
– $20 off Getaround (car rental):

+ Camera Equipment:
– Canon 700D:
– Canon G7X:
– Tripod:

FTC: This is not sponsored. I am not paid to show/use these products, but there are affiliate links that you can use if you want! You don’t have to it just helps me! hehe Thank you!

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19 thoughts on “8 Year Anniversary Date // 12.30.2018

  1. congrats on 8 years!! (also you look amazing in yellow!)


  2. So sweet! Happy anniversary you two! My heart melts when I see you guys together. I know you two are young and going off on some independent adventures this year and not ready to settle down and all that but the day you guys get married I will be crying my eyes out (if you do get married and if you share that with all of us lol!). I can sense it every time I see you two together! The love and respect you have for each other is so beautiful☺️❤️

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