Cold Calling Roll Play | Wholesaling Real Estate

Cold Calling Roll Play | Wholesaling Real Estate

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Join me every Friday at 9am Pacific Standard for a live cold call roll play to test out your phone skill with Seller. This is so much fun and I give you tips, and feedback to help improve your communication skill with seller.

To Purchase “My King Khang Seller Script Package” ($495) Clink the link below

If you want to get better at converting these leads into actual deal and take your game to the next level in 2019. Then the king Khang Seller Script will help you crush it on the phone and lock more properties under contract without ever going out to see the property or meet with the seller. I show you how it can be done Virtually. You will be able to listen to some live call that I have with these seller and you’ll see how I put the script into action and locking these property under contract just over the phone. You will see how powerful the script is and once you master it you can do exactly the same.
You’ll Get Exclusive access to a SECRET PRIVATE FB page as well. Where we don’t just talk but actually doing deals. Come join the FB family!
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Here’s What Include In the Package:
Addendum Between You & Seller Form
Addendum Between You & Seller Video
U & End Buyer Addendum Form
Addendum Between You & End Buyer Video
Inbound Seller Script Video
OutBound Offer SELLER Script Form
Outbound Offer Script Video
Purchase and Sale contract (Between U & Seller) Form
Purchase and Sale Contract between You & Seller Video
Double Closing (Between U & End Buyer) Buyer Pay For All Closing Cost
Double Closing Contract (P&S)-Each Parties Pay For Their Own Closing Cost
P&S Double Closing Contract Video
Live Call With Seller #1
Live Call With Seller #2
Live Call With Seller #3
Live Call With Seller #4
Live Call With Seller #5
AVR/Rehab Calculator Video

*****As a BONUS I will continue to provide unlimited Live Seller Call for you to listen to for FREE******NO Extra Charge. I want to see you Succeed 🙂

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If You are Ready to change your life and learn how to wholesale Houses in 2019. Then here is what I got for ya. My King Khang Step By Step How To Virtually Wholesale Houses $499..Click the link below


To Purchase My Wife “Loan Super Marketing Blueprint” clink the link below. As a BONUS we are Giving you our entire biz system of all the companies we use. How to train your VA, what task to give them, HOw much to pay your VA, what companies do we use for CRM, how do we set up our 250K/month VIrtual wholesaling biz and much more. All in the package. $,1495.00


Question-Email me at: [email protected]

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Hi my name is Khang Le,

My wife and I are both High School DropOut. We Lived in a shack behind a Mobi home park for 5 years. Went through a lots of up and down during our teen n twenties before discovering Real Estate. I created this Channel to show YOU everything I have learn about Wholesaling Real Estate so that YOU can duplicated and create your own Financial Freedom. How I went from making 30k a year at a job to now making 30k a week Wholesaling Houses 🏠.

I will Show you how to tie properties under contract at a discount price and then sell that contract over to another Cash Buyer and make a LARGE PROFIT!! Without actually buying the property. You don’t need lots of money or good credit or any construction 🔨 background to do this biz. I will show you how to turn your Annual income into your Monthly income through Wholesaling Houses. If you have the Drive, the Determination, the Focus and the Right Mindset then you too can do this.

1) Believe it Possible
2) Believe you can do it
3) Take Massive ACTION

– “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

-To Your Journey!

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  1. Wholesale To Millions I just purchased the seller script package trying to get access I received the email but its not working

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