CREDIT SCORE ADVICE (The 7 Deadly FICO Score Sins + Credit Score Tips)

CREDIT SCORE ADVICE (The 7 Deadly FICO Score Sins + Credit Score Tips)

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In today’s episode, Matthew Pillmore covers the 7 things you need to avoid in order to keep your credit score high – the credit tips discussed in this video can help you maintain your credit at a high enough score so that you can be eligible for the various debt weapons discussed on this channel. Not to mention your ability to get that future rental property or be approved for that upcoming mortgage. It is key that the seven items listed in this video be avoided at all costs!

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44 thoughts on “CREDIT SCORE ADVICE (The 7 Deadly FICO Score Sins + Credit Score Tips)

  1. I just started watching your channel a few weeks ago. Great content! I am learning a lot. Working on getting my cash flow to at least $500. I would love to be coached by you and learn how I can increase my cash flow more and able to buy some property. My credit lacks real estate. Single mom for 10 years now. It's been tough financially, but I can see some light now. I found hope listening and watching your videos. 🙂

  2. Matthew I have a question for you. My husband miss deadline payment of his car, because he paid on weekend, so payment processed few days late. I send the letter of good will asking for forgiveness. But so far no answer. What we should do? It is really effect his credit right before we were trying get line of credit for our business.
    Do pay off this car will help to bring score up and remove late payment for good?

  3. If your credit score is below 700 is it smart to get a loan from someone like Lending Club to free up credit card balances to increase your credit score to turn around and get a Heloc to pay off that loan?

  4. Our credit card company displays our Experian FICO score whenever we log into their website to pay our card. Nice little free feature. Watching all these VIP videos caused me to dig deeper int our credit reports. All looks good but it was nice to be reminded to periodically review our credit reports.

  5. I understand that most lenders
    use Fico scores. My question is which company do most lenders use to get the score they see? An example is my Discover card fico score shows one number and my other fico score is lower. So do lenders use

  6. Love it! Financial sins… the good news is I’m learning about how to avoid all this with VIP. Thank you!

  7. Great content… Have you considered incorporating the Zblackcard to help get get up to a $10,000 primary line of credit to help boost their credit score and pay em with our all metal prepaid debit card …. Connect with me

  8. As someone who is working on building credit, this are some great things to make sure to avoid. Better to start building credit without these sins than it is to try and fix them. Always looking at having a healthy financial future.

  9. I saw a previous video and I didn’t know what piggybacking was I’m trying to help my son establish credit under his name

  10. Thanks for spelling out the length of time these occurrences stay on your record. It really gives motivation to stay away from them and be as responsible as possible. This is especially true when I'm looking to purchase another property.

    Thanks again!

  11. Good reminders on not only the bad things to avoid with regard to credit damaging marks but your comments toward the end are so important. Making sure to avoid overextending oneself and reasonably considering things could change in the future is very good advise. As always, thanks!

  12. 2 of the things I discovered on my own (seemed like common sense to me) but that I don't hear others talk about, but you did, was Settlements and Home Buying. The latter meaning, I haven't heard anyone put it as simply as you did- what if your job changes? Can you pay/sustain the Mortgage? Because that's exactly what I was thinking when I bought my house.

  13. Lol at 4:08 Its sad that so many experienced foreclosure, though. Thanks, VIP, for helping us retire rich!

    I want to be young and wild, and then I want to be middle-aged and rich, and then I want to be old and annoy people by pretending that I'm going deaf — Edmund Blackadder

  14. Loving this financial awareness…thank you Matthew, I really would Love my partner and I to have a coaching session with you…there is nothing better than having to aspire to greatness and be financially free…I'm in the zone.

  15. Thanks as always. Good things to remember. Though we've been between the rock and a hard place in the past (moved M-I-L in to care for her due to cancer), we're clearing the way for a brighter future.

    Two things I'm curious about:
    1. I was added as an AU on four accounts, 10+ years/$15k clear limit, over two months ago but nothing on my fico.
    2. What do you think about first lein HELOCs? Any general advice on HELOCs in Texas after the new changes?

    Sadly can't wait to talk to you in June. We have to wing it to cover some new medical bills. Still looking forward to the call though.

  16. One deadly sin I see my friends and family making in terms of credit score is being completely oblivious to it. I've put your techniques to the test and so far not one word of what you say is false. I've gone from a 733 to 780 in 3 months with very little effort on my part. On top of that I snapped up my 25k in debt weapons for the year and picked up a second mortgage. So yeah not bad. 😉

  17. I sold one of two homes I had a Mortgage on. This house was listed on my credit report having an approximate value of $245K. I figured selling that house and paying off that Mortgage would be a good thing for my credit. Nope! My score actually went down! When I talked with one of my monitoring services they said the "system" wants me in debt. Doesn't make sense…….

  18. Amazing how many people don’t even know what their credit score is much less what will affect it. Until I started watching this channel I didn’t pay much attention to my credit score. I paid my bills and kept my credit cards at zero balance but rarely checked my reports. Now that I do I’ve caught some fraud quickly and am working to get it shut down before it goes too far. Thanks for all the great advice this channel provides!

  19. Great video great advice credit is not something to be taken lightly! Love the channel can't wait for future videos.

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