Digital Nomad 101: Finding Long-Term Accommodation Abroad

Digital Nomad 101: Finding Long-Term Accommodation Abroad

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In this video I wanted to share with you guys how I find long-term accommodation abroad using AirBnb.

If you’re not already using AirBnb then sign up through the link below and you could save some money on your first trip!

Since 2013 I’ve booked the majority of my long-term travel apartments using AirBnb and as a “digital nomad” I find that it’s an essential tool for helping me find somewhere to stay.

While in some countries in Asia and South America it’s possible to just find an apartment when you’re there this isn’t the case in most of Europe, North America, and many other places around the world.

On one hand you’re not going to get a local rate when you’re booking through AirBnb but for the most part you can find some really affordable places wherever you’re traveling.

The benefit with AirBnb is that everything is included in your rate, you can browse thousands of places through your laptop, and you get to see everything in photos before you book.

There is also the protection offered to you through AirBnb and while some people have had problems in the past I find the customer service to be incredible.

Overall, AirBnb is a great platform for finding long-term accommodation abroad as a digital nomad.

Hopefully this guide will make it easier for you to find places to stay the next time you’re planning on spending more than just a few days in a new destination.

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Don’t forget to sign up for AirBnb:

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  1. good tips. I've found a good number of hosts for whatever reason don't include the option of 'laptop friendly workspace' even though looking at the photos there are areas to work. i usually leave that option off in my search to get significantly more results.

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