Amazon, Netflix, Uber, and eXp Realty

Amazon, Netflix, Uber, and eXp Realty

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If you had the opportunity to have a brand as big as amazon in real estate would you pursue it?

If this sounds like you then let’s find a time to talk about it

At eXp there’s no limit on your opportunities because there’s so much you can do here. Everybody has to have a starting point its not always pretty in the beginning but the limitless opportunities you would have will be well worth it.


1.) Cloud based disruption

2.) Revenue share

Over the duration of this video I speak briefly about where real estate is at now for eXp. Its all cloud based, which means it saves you money because you are not spending all your money on locations to pay for office supplies and other small items that can rack up huge bills. As well as how revenue share works at eXp. The agents are rewarded for helping to grow the company, at eXp is agent own and is a publicly traded company.

Want some help to expand and learn with good real estate advice based on my 20 years in the business?

Think about what you’ll need to do in the next 3 years to reach towards your goals of efficiently expanding your new business.

I invite you to a 30 minute phone call to discuss your goals and strategize on how and what we can do to ensure we reach your goals and success in real estate.

To talk to me about your goals and exit strategy in your real estate business, schedule a call with me here






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