Millenial Graduate Unemployment Shock, University Elite Making Millions, Student Loan Debt Soars

Millenial Graduate Unemployment Shock, University Elite Making Millions, Student Loan Debt Soars

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Student loan debt hit $1.57 Trillion as of 4Q 2018 which set another all-time high along with other forms of household debt including mortgage debt, credit card balances, and auto loans.This comes even as less students are enrolling. With millennial graduates seeing unemployment rates nearly triple the overall average, we see nearly one-third of millennial living at home with their parents even into their mid to late twenties. The ironic part of it is that, in many cases, university sports programs generate millions of dollars for the schools while student athletes are not allowed to earn money through their notoriety as an collage athlete.
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20 thoughts on “Millenial Graduate Unemployment Shock, University Elite Making Millions, Student Loan Debt Soars

  1. It’s a very deep and ingrained culture to depend solely on your education for the American Dream but it’s just not the case any longer. I’m definitely the misunderstood child in my family and among my siblings but I’m okay with it now. Took me a long time but now I’m know for sure because 18 years ago people really did looked at you crazy when you had a side business and entrepreneurship dreams. Soon as I got to be successful they asked and wondered how, then jealousy and loved it when I hit failures. On the way up again and I know what to expect now never stop and don’t dime your light for the dream killers, envious because they don’t have to courage or self direction to follow their own dreams. Nobody knows what’s best for you more than you! It’s your life Let’s Go!

  2. This is one reason I NEVER watch college or pro sports–they are overpaid over-rated dopes. This shows what a foolish set of priorities our society has, when these goofs and the worthless things they do are deemed important. What a big laugh. There is absolutely nothing less important than the outcomes of these ridiculous games. If I want to watch sports–I watch high school or below. Better yet I get out there and play sports myself.

  3. The idea that college is not free already given the amount of information available online speaks more to how we have not yet embraced technology as a culture as still are using archaic methods of measurement to determine ones aptitude towards learning. Why is Harvard not as simple as creating an account with them and downloading your course material? I'll tell you, Greed…

  4. As a physcian. I will finish paying off my student loans when I'm 40 but that's living on beans and rice. My uncles took twenty years to clear their student loans.

  5. The government and the politicians mislead young kids into believing that if they have a degree that they will make more money. Many students invest in majors that simply will not pay back their debt let alone find a job. Many students dont even even finish college. They're more cut out for trade school. With increasing amount of students going to colleges, colleges keep raising prices in tuition. It's a business and government should have stayed out of it with their government backed student loan programs. You think they would learn from the whole housing fiasco. Our government officials will promise anything to get reelected. They dont care about the consequences. Its really sad .

  6. I am Canadian so I have a different perspective on all this. The problem with everything about the US is that the dollar is king. You forgot to put people first. I listen to uninformed Americans commenting on our "Socialist" system (which is wrong by the way, we are a democracy with a strong social system – completely different). People come first. University is expensive here too but government grants and low interest rates and no compounding interest until the person gets a job helps all young people to pay off their debts. Our system works because Universities are not a private system. The outcomes are standardized also. I feel sorry for your young people.

  7. 5:305:45– This one struck me too close to home. I'd graduated from Midland for a B.A. in Graphic Design back in 2013 & couldn't find work anywhere in my field. And I've applied to Entry-level mind anyone reading this for years. Why is it like this now? Because the places I've applied to, demand that I have Mid-level to Director-level experience, which was is total horse-crap. I was told that I need to get a Bachelor's degree in order to get a great job, but never mentions the weird paradox of already having near expertise, when I'd thought the whole Entry-level thing was training you and then getting the experience. I did freelance in my same field, and even still, that only goes so far. I'm currently in graduate school for MFA in Media Design & I feel as though my only salvation is self-employment. I have two passive incomes, which is digital music on music streaming services and ebooks for readers to borrow and lend to friends. Because I can't find the traditional work in my field or close to it because of the experience they're asking of me.

  8. I do have a question. Many countries, not socialist or communist, have at least one public university and private universities as well. Can’t we have something like one those developed countries in USA? South Korea have a public university, Mexico have UNAM which is public and so on. It doesn’t cost a single penny for low income students and those who have the ability to access a private university choose that path.

  9. I wonder if the reason college athletes can not make money is because they are on a scholarship? What if the athlete refuses a scholarship and is not bound to a contract with the college or the NCAA because they are paying their own way?

  10. These sport coaches make more than the President of the Unites States? And a lot more! That is insane. No wonder the cost of college is out of control.

  11. Before the US becomes fully Socialist/Communist, there will have to be a civil war. There's too many guns and too many nationalistic people for them to lay down and die. Europe may be crumbling and it's citizens may be zombies, but Americans will fight to the death for their values.

  12. I've been watching quite a few of your videos lately, I think everyone I seen is great and very well put together, good job brother.

  13. Related to this video, I'm currently going to college, studying a trade/skill, and I have students loans, but mine been discharge because of my disability.

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