Gran Turismo Sport: Racing Against The Best British Players [Best of Britain Qualifier]

Gran Turismo Sport: Racing Against The Best British Players  [Best of Britain Qualifier]

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
35:30 Qualifying Begins
42:48 Race Begins
1:41:07 Race End
1:47:20 Replay Analysis

Qualifier event for the Best of Britain series by Mclaren6. Type !event for more information or go here

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11 thoughts on “Gran Turismo Sport: Racing Against The Best British Players [Best of Britain Qualifier]

  1. Great race Super GT, I really enjoyed the whole race, you really surprised me with your pace, it’s amazing how far you’ve progressed on the game from your first videos on the game. I got a silly corner cut penalty right near the end which screwed me over, and I couldn’t clear it before you got me on the finish line! Well done and great driving!

  2. Great result Super GT. Very stiff competition in that lobby. I watched Tidgneys commentary and switched to Kie's stream to watch him rage every time he got in a battle or fell off track lol. More entertaining than any F1 race I've seen in the last few years. Seriously.

    On a side note, I was in the same lobby as you in the Monza FIA race on Saturday. You qualified well but wasn't on the start line for the race. What happened?

  3. Should've been fourth, all things considered. k3rr did an atrocity of a punt and didn't even slow down a tad, nor apologized after the race, just linked his youtube like a degenerate.

  4. I was watching three streams of this race. Tidgney's commentary bought the whole thing to life, while Kie25's meltdown was the highlight.

    And to think, I really didn't like Gran Turismo Sport when it came out!

  5. Super gt is the best. Only way this title makes sense to me is if all the other British drivers are super gt.

    How’s that merch going? Have cash in bank account waiting lol and still saving hard for pc and sim rig 😉

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