How to Use Debt to Create Passive Income

How to Use Debt to Create Passive Income

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We have all been raised to avoid debt at all costs.

But the truth is, the smartest and fastest growing businesses out there are using debt as a way to create passive income.

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In this video Ryan Daniel Moran, businessman turned Amazon sales superstar, shows us how to utilize debt and turn into one of the most powerful tools you can have for bringing in extra income to you and your business.

Diving deep into the differences between the good, the bad, and the surefire success of debt, Ryan offers a straight forward guide on how to build a stable foundation for your online business that will help you grow your sales while reaching your long-term goals.

Using examples from his own past, Ryan, who was able to grow his own online sales on Amazon from zero to over a million dollars in just one year, lays out a new way to look at the potential of taking on smart debt.

This practical and ambitious lesson in using your capital for all it is worth will leave viewers with a new and greater understanding of all the ways they can build up their cash flows in the present and future.

All ultra-successful individuals and businesses have used debt to their advantage, but by underscoring the critical importance of understanding the true value of return on investment, Ryan puts the power back into the hands of his fellow business owners, giving them an objective, realistic, and innovative view on their debt’s potential.

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23 thoughts on “How to Use Debt to Create Passive Income

  1. I just found your video and am trying to understand something from it. I think this is how it goes, barrow 100k and use it to buy a house cash, sell your house owner financed for 130k with 5% interest added to the monthly payment, since its owner financed you still have the title of the house while receiving monthly rent with 100% more than the amount you have to pay monthly on your initial barrowing. You would then go to another lender/bank and take out 100k line of credit against your house that worth 130k. Use that to buy a 100k car, since its bought in cash and a business expense, you can then create a loan to your own business adding 5% interest, make payment to your second business acct based on the terms you created plus interest ( make sure the amount is no more than half of the rent coming from the rental house). Now your asset is 130k house plus 5%, and a car 100k plus 5%. Since you have those assets, you can barrow again using those as collateral to buy another house for 100k, sell it owner financed again for 130k plus 5% interest (Just make sure you keep ownership of the house till your tenant paid all the full amount of 130k). Now take out bigger line of credit based in the newly acquired asset. Take out the 100k cash from line of credit, buy another house for 100k, sell it right away for 130k owner financed. Take out more line of credit based on your asset and income. Pull out cash from line if credit to either buy another house or pay off the very first house. Repeat the process for all eternity…. leave your wealth to your family…. 🙂

  2. No way you don't want to be buying a house if you intend to travel around considering the upkeep, you're better off renting or staying in group housing

  3. 5:46 I see ROI there because college students will be investing in themselves so if you're studying contemporary music or other creative courses then the sky is the limit

  4. All good and dandy, only problem is in some countries , when you take a debt the revenue from that house will not be enough to pay the payments every month for the debt. Aaaaand that theory goes to sh*t.

  5. What happens if the rental property can't find a rent and you can't pay the 100,000.00 payment back or rent the house out and in 3 months the rentals destroyed it then what thats what I'm scared of doing it on a loan

  6. If i have 100k cash do you think i would be watching this video. Make a video for people that dont have that much capital.

  7. I still don't understand what's the point of buying a 100K car to begin with in this example? Why not get a 120k loan, buy a slightly used car reliable car for under 20k cash which would be equivalent to 1 year of Tesla monthly payments. Then you'll own the car and while in the Tesla example you'll still be paying giant monthly payments every month whereas that money could be going somewhere else.

  8. Good food vs Bad food. Good food nourishes you, Bad food gets thrown away.
    Good debt vs Bad debt. Good debt gives money to you, Bad debt takes money away.

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