Litecoin Pumps & Isn’t Done! | Buy BTC on Amazon? | Wells Fargo Disaster

Litecoin Pumps & Isn't Done! | Buy BTC on Amazon? | Wells Fargo Disaster

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25 thoughts on “Litecoin Pumps & Isn’t Done! | Buy BTC on Amazon? | Wells Fargo Disaster

  1. MASSIVE BANK PONZI SCHEME COULD BE EXPOSED BY 2ND GOVT SHUTDOWN: A Bank Ponzi Scam relies on a continuous flow of large deposits to cover normal forecasted demand for loans, withdrawals, and personal and business transactions. When this balance is disrupted by the federal government suddenly stopping all deposits for payroll, contractors, suppliers and tax refunds; which then causes a spike in demand for loans, withdrawals and cash; it could possibly put the bank at great risk for exposure of a massive Ponzi Scam. It comes down to a matter of timing. How quickly can the bank get the Federal Reserve to authorize an emergency bailout to cover rapidly dwindling reserves? Is it possible that recent bank outages are the first signs of cracks in the Ponzi system? Can certain unnamed banks withstand another extended government shutdown without an emergency bailout? Yes, they could withstand it, if the emergency is limited to slowing down customer lending and deposits to customer's accounts, but allow normal withdrawals from checking and savings to avoid a bank run. . . RECENT HEADLINES: Wells Fargo Banking Systems Breakdown Raises New Concerns. . . Wells Fargo Customers Are Having Trouble Accessing ATMs, Credit Cards And Online Accounts. . . The Past 24 Hours Has Been An Utter Disaster For Wells Fargo. . . Wells Fargo CEO Apologizes For Online Fiasco That Left Customers Irate On Payday. . . All problems have been resolved. Certain banks have now been put on a watch list. . . For The Rest Of The Story — Pull back the Iron Curtain, Bamboo Curtain, and the Red Curtain. . . What is Agenda 2021 really about? . . Learn more, Visit PopZero News Network Youtube channel.

  2. Banks keeping people from getting their money (Wells Fargo story)/crypto exchanges keeping people from getting their money (Gemini story from another video). Sometimes it appears you can't win whichever way you go.

  3. Tried to deposit a check at Wells, they wouldn’t take it. “We can’t just have people walking in here leaving checks.” they said. “You’re a bank!” was my response.

  4. Ok not an expert but I agree the upcoming privacy feature is adding fuel to this LTC run. However wouldn't atomic swaps with XMR be better since one cannot view XMR transaction since thereis no blockchain explorer associated with it.

  5. Lol, I need confidence…lol…
    We're can I order that hat??
    Ben, check your editing you said Bitcoin went up 8$..hope Im helping!!

  6. keeping an eye on what happens with LTC leading upto and after the halving. This should give some idea about BTC halving coming up next year. So far the results are awesome.

  7. Wow that was one hell of a punch from an old man. As for Amazon, might have a way for them without being exchange with all these capabilities today for exchanges to connect to wallets and POS. If we can pay crypto and it converts instantly to $ than the reverse should be possible as well.

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