Secrets to Refinancing Commercial Real Estate

Secrets to Refinancing Commercial Real Estate

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Discover why refinancing is so important, including how it can increase cash flow and cash on cash returns. Plus, you can pull out tax-free cash. You’ll also learn the secrets behind refinancing that every commercial real estate investor should know.

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15 thoughts on “Secrets to Refinancing Commercial Real Estate

  1. My numbers are not spot on but considering that it has been 12 years and half of the mortgage has been paid(signs that things are going well), I think it's safe to assume that the property appraisal is at the very least 10% higher 1.76m than the original mortgage1.6m which means LTV approx 45% (all things considered ) i would cash out refi 30yr @ 70% LVT and then invest the 520k accordingly. What do you think?

  2. 2nd scenario is very… very lucrative for cash out refi if the appraisal is close to what he got it for or higher . Then he wouldn’t ave to work as long or at all at the job. 8yrs is a long time even with cutting the monthly mortgage by over half

  3. Great video & content Mr. Harris! Thanks a lot!

    I would take the refi put away 12-18 months in advance for personal expenses & invest the rest in an apartment complex.

  4. For example #2, could the owner refi at 80% of the appraised value? If that's the case, if I had no other investors to pay back, I'd use the proceeds from the refi to buy more commercial properties.

  5. 2nd scenario would depend how much his job is paying him. Also how much rental income he's making.

    If I can live off the rental income industry refinance. Live off the rental income.

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