Stock Market Investing vs Real Estate: SHOCKING Financial Education

Stock Market Investing vs Real Estate: SHOCKING Financial Education

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Stock Market Investing vs Real Estate: SHOCKING Financial Education

Why investing in the stock market, specifically selling options is the best way to invest and it’s better than real estate investing.

Your financial education likely includes a lot of information and opportunities to invest.

You’re unsure about the best way to invest – whether it’s to invest in real estate, apartments (find tenants), etc.

Stocks vs real estate – which is better?

Stock market vs real estate? I believe the EASY answer is stocks!

I can tell you that the best way to invest in the stock market is by selling option premium

When you sell options, you become an insurance company and a casino.

Your probability of winning a trade is oftentimes 90%+

However, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll be profitable.

If you trade too many contracts and get greedy then you’ll lose money.

Compare this with day trading where virtually everyone loses money, and the “winners” (top 500 out of 360,000) only make 5% above holding a SPY index.

Real estate is nice if you can get some consistent rental income.

But…there are also a lot of fees.

Mortgage, interest payments, broker commissions, the risk of bad tenants, property taxes, repairs / maintenance, etc.

Yes, it’s true, like Grant Cardone says, that the bank will loan you money to buy a house.

Unfortunately, what happens is that people oftentimes become trapped in their homes.

They need the housing price to increase or they will lose their equity.

Owning real estate also restricts your freedom.

I can make every trade on my phone.

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6 thoughts on “Stock Market Investing vs Real Estate: SHOCKING Financial Education

  1. Good comparison. Nowadays RE seems not as atttactuve due to loan tightening process. Debt to inc ratio for qualificqtionn is crazy. Here in NYC, avg 2fam home price in Brooklyn is over 700k, max rental potential is 5k a month, so thats 8% annual at best, but factor in mortgae expense, tax, general repairs, its not that profitable. Back in 2008, short sales were the thing, but i dont think banks go for it as much, they know exactly how much they can get on open market.

  2. David,

    I recently found your videos while looking for info on options. I’ve been going back and viewing some of your older content. To be honest, this was one of your worst video posts.. There are pros and cons to every investment. Real estate is no different and there is money to be made. Is it easy, no. Could selling premium be easier for the average investor.. perhaps, and you lay out some reason why, but what’s the point? A lot of people that are interested in options possibly also have a hand or had a hand in real estate. So the attack just comes off as petty.

    In my opinion, the people viewing your posts are already interested in selling premium and want to know more about you, your strategies, your processes, your risk analysis, how you roll a position, etc.. attacking real estate, or other pages/people/scams just detracts from that message. Again, just an honest opinion, not trying to tell you how to run your business, just giving some feedback. I like your straight forward, no bs approach, and would like to continue to see more of that focused on selling premium.

    Thanks again for the content, I really do appreciate it. Best regards!

  3. So, while I certainly can find rentals with a 15 Cap rate, which can yield 40% Cash on Cash (or better) per year, there is also a very real drain on an owner's time. Except for the home I am living in (which is a money-making duplex), I am liquidating my rentals to fund my trading account. I think it is MUCH more practical to see myself trading for a couple hours worth of management a day VS managing properties., especially into my retirement years. If you told someone you could get them 10% on their 100k portfolio, they'd be pretty happy with that. Me? I'd rather put just 5k of my 100k at risk with a goal of $200 a week. In the end, the gain is still 10k, but I'm much less vulnerable in that scenario. Keep it up, David!

  4. I concur. I owned 20 properties in the southeast side of Chicago and rented out to Sec 8 tenants. What a mess. So much for early retirement. I’m sticking to selling options and long term equities.

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