Tuesday eXp Realty Overview & Demo

Tuesday eXp Realty Overview & Demo

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Watch as over 60 agents from across the country tune in to a live presentation of the eXp Realty business model that is sweeping the nation!

Kirtus Dixon and I demonstrate the systems & tools real estate agents receive at eXp to help grow their real estate sales business. These include, KV Core, eXp World, Workplace by Facebook, eXp Enterprise, & the marketing and training centers to name a few.

Finally, watch as multiple agents share their testimonials of how eXp Realty is changing their lives and businesses.

For more information on eXp Realty, get back to the person that shared this video with you or feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] I would be more than happy to setup a call to discuss if eXp Realty is the right fit for you!

Recorded 2.5.19

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