Vlogmas Day 22 | We’re Buying a House!

Vlogmas Day 22 | We're Buying a House!

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Alex and I look at six different houses today!! It was quite the crazy day. Which house do you think we should get?!?!

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31 thoughts on “Vlogmas Day 22 | We’re Buying a House!

  1. I found you by searching for planned videos having no idea we lived in the same area! My heart leaped when you said The Gardens! I'm in the Cascade/Forest Hills area. All of the houses loll like great choices! Have fun house hunting!

  2. So my opinion 1) Super cute but it's a lot of yard and I'm not sure if that's something you want right out of the gate plus it's hilly so mowing will be a chore and a half…2) I really like the only semi open floor plan. I know the open floor plans are very popular but I like the semi divided layout in that house makes everything a little more "clean " 3) Strikes me as great for the type of work you do with the office and the dining space right near each other you could really spread out 4) is nice but the the video didn't show a whole lot of benefits for you guys 5) I like but mostly because of the large dining area you could use as workspace 6) I think the loft area would be great for you guys for work. if you asked me for you and Alex and your lifestyle I'd say 3 or 6 depending on what we DIDN'T see

  3. Really nice houses. The last one is great. I did get a little dizzy from the fast motion of the camera just a bit though LOL

  4. Oh mah gerd I'd love a loft…I feel like I'd pick that house just for that haha. Also I now need a red washer and dryer. I did not know there was such an option in life haha. Ergh this makes me have the renter's blues.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pretty much every single house. I think I have an affinity for Rainbow House though. I also LOVE how Silver Fox has a blue door! And I love the Nantucket loft!!!

  6. My heart did a little leap for joy at house 3, that looks like exactly what i would go for if I lived in the states, the front doorway sold it to me, it sucks that we don't have the whole cladding and porch thing going here 🙁

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