Wholesaling Real Estate 2018 Houston TX

Wholesaling Real Estate 2018 Houston TX

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Covering the topic of Wholesaling Real Estate 2018 in Houston, Texas.

Sold it before we could rehab it 😎
This property was on our radar as a buy and hold project.
Having a clear intention for an investment property is vital to knowing the level of upgrades you are going to need; therefore, vital to running your #’s for the deal.

It’s best to get into projects that can easily fit into multiple investment strategies {Buy&Hold;Fix&Flip;Wholesale;Ect..}
CQ:Why? A:To account for Murphy’s Law.

As you buy investment properties, Agents a more likely to call you with deals they need to sell fast.
CQ: Can I wholesale a deal from a real estate agent? A: Yes.

After doing further due diligence, we found it was a much better deal for another investor that my partner and I do deals with.

This is a good example of what an investment property looks like when we find them. “The worst house on the block” is a good rule to go by.

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  1. Hey, I’m in the Temple Area , I would love to meet up in Houston and speak with you. I’m also looking for investors in my area and a mentor

  2. Hey I’m an inspiring wholesaler I really need some help getting started if it’s not to much trouble your help would be greatly appreciated

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